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Financial Advice

Personalized financial planning services are offered as the cornerstone of all client relationships and serve as the firm’s focus to empower clients to achieve their objectives by providing independent financial & investment advice in a consistent & ethical manner at a fair price.  These services may include or exclude, as requested by the client, prioritization of client’s financial objectives, identification of current assets and liabilities, tax planning, cash flow and debt management, insurance planning, retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and/or any special identified need or objective.
Initial Financial Review
Initial Financial Review Services are offered to all clients at the start of the relationship with the intention to create a firm foundation for future discussions & planning.  The full scope and focus of the initial financial review is determined in a complimentary introductory meeting and agreed upon prior to the engagement.  In each initial financial review, the firm will prioritize the client’s objectives, identify the client’s current assets and liabilities, address those issues that could influence the client’s ability to achieve their objectives, and provide verbal and written analysis and recommendations of the specific issues addressed.  After the execution of a letter of engagement, this review can take 2–4 meetings and up to one year to complete.
Ongoing Financial Review
Ongoing Financial Review Services are offered to all clients and are included as part of the discretionary and non-discretionary investment services.  It is the intent and expectation of Empowering to have a continuing relationship with its clients.  Based upon this and to the extent requested by the client, Empowering offers ongoing financial review services to address the existing financial issues facing its clients, to keep current with the client’s objectives and situation, and the applicability to the client of any current laws or changes to those laws.  Empowering will offer a formal review to the client at least annually. 
                        Project/Hourly Services
Project/Hourly Review Services are offered on a limited basis. The scope and focus of the project/hourly review is determined and agreed upon prior to the engagement.  These services are offered on an as-requested basis.  Upon the completion of the project/hourly review, the engagement is terminated and Empowering has no further obligation to the client.  

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