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Getting Started

Contact Empowering Financial Solutions, Inc.
Once we receive your inquiry, we will discuss your interest in seeking our advice and whether the services we provide would be a good fit.  We would expect at this time to get a good idea of your current situation, including your expectations for yourself and of us and your current financial resources.  If we both decide our working together may be a good fit, we can schedule a complimentary introductory meeting at that time.    

Schedule a complimentary introductory meeting

Whether we schedule an introductory meeting or not and for those that our services may be a good fit, we will send a packet of information that describes our services, our philosophy and compensation structure.  As part of this packet, we will include data sheets that we would ask you to complete and bring to our introductory meeting along with any documents that you’d like to review during that meeting.        

Determine whether our services are a good fit & focus of review

The focus of our introductory meeting will be to determine whether our relationship would be a good fit and, if so, to establish the full scope and focus of the initial financial review.  This meeting normally takes about one hour.  During this meeting, we will review your completed questionnaire and any documents that you bring with you.  We will spend time discussing your objectives, the details of your current financial situation and your investment portfolio.  If the services that we offer would be a good fit, we will come to agreement on the full scope and focus of your initial financial review. 

In addition, we will confirm which financial assets will be included or excluded as part of our investment management services.  Normally, the included financial assets will be all of your taxable investment assets & securities (including those assets held in brokerage and custodial accounts) and tax-deferred investment assets and securities (including those assets held in defined contribution retirement plans and IRA accounts), unless otherwise agreed.  We would normally exclude your cash reserve assets, personal use assets (such as personal residence and vehicles), collectibles (such as artwork and coins), defined benefit retirement plans, investment real estate, and closely-held business interests. 
We will expect to be linked as your investment advisor to those accounts to which we can do so, which may require transferring to another custodian.  We will also determine whether you wish to engage us for discretionary investment management services or non-discretionary investment review services.  We will at that time provide to you a quote of our fees for the initial financial review and the investment management services.

Initiate financial planning engagement

After our introductory meeting and if we both agree our working together would be a good fit, we will send to you our engagement letter along with the paperwork necessary to establish and transfer, if necessary, your investment accounts to a custodian to which we can be linked, if appropriate.

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